Twenty years on

About 20 years ago my family went on holiday to Switzerland. The four of us (my mum, my dad, my sister and myself) had an amazing time walking in the hills, pretending to be Maria Von Trapp running from the Nazis and generally having a right old laugh. I always remember it as my favourite ever family holiday.


I’m on the left. I blooming loved those shorts.

Anyway, one of my profile pictures on Facebook is from this holiday, with myself and my sister sitting on a log in front of a cracking view of Jungfrau (an impressive mountain near the Lauterbrunnen valley). To my surprise, and delight, a friend that lives in Bern surprised me yesterday with a modern day photo of that very spot:

25858_549483755768_5188428_n         1079077_10151649083014492_434169864_o

I can’t believe how little the view has changed in 20 years when so much has changed in my life. Excellent work Nature, really excellent work. And amazing work Dorian, a truly brilliant surprise.