Life drama dress drama

If things only go wrong in threes then I should be fine. Events so far this week include:

1. Monday evening: Fall over in busy petrol station (possibly due to giddy happiness of finding Haribo half price).

2. Still Monday evening: Exhaust falls off car on rickity-rackity one track road.

3. Tuesday morning: Take car to mechanics… Forget purse. Stomp around all day in self-induced grump.

So, to counteract the life drama here’s some drama to add to dresses. (And sigh with relief).

This is my new favourite thing. It was made with a little help from this tutorial from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. I LOVE their version with rainbow ribbon edging but decided to go for a single colour for this version.

It has 3 metres of tulle per layer and despite only having two layers still does the trick. Voluminous skirts galore!

This was the moment my neighbour turned up. Undressing a mannequin in the middle of your garden is normal in these circles. Right?


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