Life drama dress drama

If things only go wrong in threes then I should be fine. Events so far this week include:

1. Monday evening: Fall over in busy petrol station (possibly due to giddy happiness of finding Haribo half price).

2. Still Monday evening: Exhaust falls off car on rickity-rackity one track road.

3. Tuesday morning: Take car to mechanics… Forget purse. Stomp around all day in self-induced grump.

So, to counteract the life drama here’s some drama to add to dresses. (And sigh with relief).

This is my new favourite thing. It was made with a little help from this tutorial from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. I LOVE their version with rainbow ribbon edging but decided to go for a single colour for this version.

It has 3 metres of tulle per layer and despite only having two layers still does the trick. Voluminous skirts galore!

This was the moment my neighbour turned up. Undressing a mannequin in the middle of your garden is normal in these circles. Right?


The first step is admitting you have a problem…

It’s no secret how much I love the Elisalex dress. In fact it’s getting a bit embarrassing now… I’ve gone and made another one.

I still maintain that each of my Elisalexes (plural?) has their own special place in my wardrobe. Number one is the ‘Everyday Elisalex’ for work to pub, shopping to dancing and almost everything in between (I’m wearing it right now!).

Number two is strictly weekend material, and mostly after dark. Made for dancing and for when I’m brave enough to get those legs out.


Number three was a present for my sister, so technically that doesn’t even count. Work with me here…


So. Number four. The formal Elisalex for the rare classy do that I’m invited to. The Lady in Red.

This one is mainly a light (and bargainacious) linen-y type mix from IKEA with side panels made from some Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton I had in my stash, underlined to hold the shape.

I lowered the neckline slightly and opened up the tulip skirt just enough to squeeze a matching tulle underskirt underneath.

The Red Elisalex will have its debut on Friday at a Graduation Ball (read ‘fancy dinner for the students that we are crashing whilst trying to pretend we are students again’). Objectives are to dance the night away and immerse myself in gin and tonic. Shouldn’t be too hard…