The world is ablaze with the Great British Sewing Bee!

Well, my little heavily sewing influenced world is. There’s lots of things I like about GBSB: the gorgeous converted chapel, the rolls and rolls of fabric, Patrick.

However, I think there’s one thing that I like most of all. I feel that a lot of people have two visions of dressmaking: you’re either a 1950s housewife or a die hard fashionista. We know full well that this isn’t the case, even if we do take inspiration from both parties.

Dressmaking, for me, is about wearing what I want to wear. Yes, this does include an element of snootiness in the fact that no one else will be wearing what I am but it mostly comes with the knowledge that something fits me well and I am confident and happy wearing it.

It’s simple really: confident in what you’re wearing = more confident in what you’re doing = all sorts of winning.

Back to GBSB and a conversation between Saville Row tailor Patrick Grant and Wolverhampton mum Sandra on her dress’ floral collar in the first episode:


P: No dress is complete with a bit of prettiness is it.

S: Well, as long as you’ve got the plain bit to flatter your figure.

P: You’re being true to yourself and you like it and that’s the important thing.

I think it was the sincerity on Patrick’s face throughout this conversation that said it all to me – coming from someone who does this for a living and no doubt keeps his work as current as he possibly can, he still identifies with, and respects, the core of making your own clothes. Whatever you’re making, you’re doing it because you like it and that shouldn’t be questioned.

More of this please GBSB!

And before we all get too serious, lets not forget this moment:



So we’re down to the final three – I constantly swap my allegiance between team Sandra and team Lauren (sorry Ann!). Today… hmmm… Team Lauren. How about you?


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